Xhibit Interactive Reel

Xhibit Corp. (XBTC / SKYMALL) is a digital marketing and technology development company focused on digital advertising, web and mobile development, social media development, merchandising solutions, in-flight commerce and loyalty program solutions. Xhibit offers a total solution for digital advertising and marketing that is integrated throughout its divisions and shares technology and resources across all of its business units.

This reel is the culmination of the first 6 months of interactive work that my team and I produced. Starting with only 3 employees in the interactive department, we worked as a production agency for our proprietary cloud software, as well as larger clients such as Capitol Records, The Beach Boys, Mike Love & General Motors. Within 2 years, we rapidly grew to 50+ employees (globally) and merged with SkyMall Ventures.

  • After FX
  • HTML / CSS
  • Javascript
  • Custom WordPress
My Role(s)
  • Director of Interactive
  • Creative Direction
  • Animation