Designer, Entrepreneur, Woodworker, Loving Husband & Father


My name is Viet & I've been designing user-centered digital products for over 15 years

As a first-generation Asian-American, I grew up in a very entrepreneurial household. Every day, I'd see my father continuously strive to build his business and learned first-hand, the meaning of ethics and integrity. These values are embedded in the very core of my life as a creative professional, father and husband.

My Drive is Relentless...My Innovation, Unrelenting

I've exited 2 successful startups... 1 of which I helped take public before I was 30 (merged with SkyMall). I've built a very successful career that started at Doner Advertising, where I helped shape the online image of brands like Mazda, Expedia, Serta, Eureka and more. My favorite campaign to date was the co-branded release of Wall-E and Eureka, where I got to animate Wall-E zipping around the screen.

When I'm not innovating, I spend as much time as I can with my family & when I'm not with my family, you can find me in my woodworking shop.


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