I am the aggregate of the left and right mind. A data-driven, strategic & creative leader that believes in the unification of Business, Creative & Code. A multi-disciplinary, end-to-end innovator that can execute every step of the Product life cycle & iterate it to perfection. My mission is to create meaningful user-centric experiences that evoke delightful emotions from my intended audience. I fight for the users.


I have worked across a multitude of business categories including startup, established ad agencies & small businesses. I've commanded leagues of amazingly talented creatives, coders & marketers over the past decade and have built fully integrated teams ranging from 3 to 60+ employees (Xhibit/SkyMall).

Other than those listed in my work portfolio...I've also had the honor of working with the following Client's & campaigns:


Serta Counting Sheep, Mazda Zoom-Zoom, Nintendo 3DS Launch, Alternative Apparel Email Marketing

Cobranding Initiatives:

PIXAR's Wall-E & Eureka, Transformer's Dark of the Moon & GM, The Beach Boys & LifeLock


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Core Skills

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Business Strategy
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Team Building & Mentorship
Product Design, UX & Development
Marketing Strategy

Career Journey

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